NPA begin the Electronic Call Up System to Ease Port Congestion –

The Nigeria Port Authority has successfully introduced an electronic call-up solution to control the terrifying traffic around Tincan, Apapa Port. It is a systematic approach known as ETO, a system where truckers could log in, schedule, and get approval to go into the port in batches.

This ETO gives details of trucks that have access to the port and confirms the availability of space for other trucks in the terminal. This is simply to ensure sanity within the Apapa and Tin-Can Island ports and the environs

In accordance with the speech of the managing director of the NPA when she was speaking with all the stakeholders last year December, the NPA has designated some approved truck parks for truck drivers to park their trucks as they await their call-up.

Though there is still traffic around the metropolitan, with time there should be a reasonable effect of the ETO in the port terminal and its environs.

Challenges of the Electronic Call up

Affirmatively, one could say the development is progressively having an impact on controlling the traffic around this axis. However, the ETO system is facing some challenges among which are listed below:

Current Suspension of Export goods: NPA has suspended the reception of export goods for two weeks to examine and properly regulate the identified errors. A lot of export cargo trucks approach the port without completing their documentation which forms a part of the term of cargoes collection at the terminal.

Fake callup tickets: It was discovered that they are pushed back by dubious minded people, who were circumventing the system by trying to sell fake call-up tickets to truckers in order to create confusion and personal gains. NPA has strengthened their mechanism to ensure proper regulations.

Tank farms: this is another challenge for the ETO policy is insufficient tank farms. Currently, there are only 27 tank farms while over 100 tankers approach Apapa to lift these products. This is one of the major responsibilities in controlling the current congestion at the park.

Throughout the last quarter of last year, every stakeholder which includes the importers, exporters, clearing agents, and port operators will not quickly forget the experience of the protracted traffic at the port. This effort to ensure such an experience never repeats itself must not be frustrated therefore, Jelida Global Synergy Limited encourages all the concerned stakeholders to play their part diligently without any form of dubious activities

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